My Retreat is a place that’s difficult to define.

It is a perfectly hidden secret. From the outside it’s an unassuming 1920’s semi-detached house in Cullercoats village. Inside it is an elegant haven of calm, a cocoon from ‘normal life’.

Some clients are in fact surprised to hear that I do live here because there are none of the usual signs of a busy home life.

When I first began, I wanted to combine all the best things about being at a luxury spa, but with a personal experience that made my clients feel truly special and to provide quality in terms of the service and therapies they received.

So yes, My Retreat has a spa-like feel to it. The products I use are the same as the ones you would find in the country’s best spas. It’s luxurious, but also has unique, homely touches too. You will be warmly welcomed as the special, individual, and important person that you are into my home.

Nor is this a ‘salon’ experience; you do receive the passion and knowledge of a truly great therapist but there’s no-one else here to disturb your time, no people chatting in reception, no doors opening and closing. You have my complete and undivided attention for the duration of your stay. After every appointment, you can sit in the lounge and relax in peace and quiet for a while before entering the real world again.

My Retreat is also different in the type of therapies it offers. There’s no ‘normal’ menu of back massages and facials here. Instead, you will find multi-therapies, sensory themes and unique experiences that you simply can’t find anywhere else. The creativity I offer in my therapies is exciting and different, and oh so relaxing!

I was previously a professional dancer and choreographer. I believe my understanding of the body and movement give my massages a perceptiveness and flow that is difficult to find elsewhere.

I also have the life experiences and skills as a qualified life coach to meet you where you are. You can be reassured that you are in safe, and some say magical hands!

Do make sure you extend your visit to My Retreat by enjoying this beautiful stretch of the Northeast coastline. Cullercoats is a coastal village with a thriving café culture, gorgeous walks, water sports and so much more to explore. Nearby are Tynemouth, with its boutique shops, restaurants, castle and priory, and the town of Whitley Bay where St Mary’s Lighthouse and the Spanish City are well worth a visit.

And if you are coming from further afield, you can always stay overnight as part of one of my Complete Retreats.


First try our Frequently Asked Questions and if you can’t find the answer, do email us directly and we’ll be happy to help.