Julia is an award-winning therapist. She founded My Retreat in 2014 providing luxury spa and complementary therapies from her home in Cullercoats, on the North-East coast of England. She has built a reputation for 5-star attention to detail, impeccable quality of treatment and service, and creativity in her approach.

Julia was previously a professional dancer and choreographer. Her understanding of the body and movement give her massages a perceptiveness and flow that is difficult to find elsewhere. Her therapies are unique in their creativity, often drawing on art, literature, music and so on for inspiration.

As a result of her own personal journey, Julia has now trained as a meditation teacher and Transformational Life Coach, which has led to the creation of My Retreat Life, a self-care and self-development program and community. This is the yang to the yin of the relaxing therapies at My Retreat.

It’s about guiding you to take better care of yourself in mind, body and soul. It’s about noticing and connecting to your feelings and thought patterns so that you can challenge and change them. Ultimately, it’s about creating a life in which you are truly happy and fulfilled.

Julia draws on years of experience as a teacher and trainer, working with women of all ages. She was a GCSE and A Level teacher, examiner and teacher trainer for 25 years, before establishing My Retreat. She has a post-graduate degree in teaching, which supports her more recent qualifications, and she has worked as a volunteer coach for an addictions organisation for 13 years. You can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Julia brings you a truly special experience, regardless of whether you are engaging with her in person at My Retreat or online in her My Retreat Life group. Her warmth, positivity and passion are infectious; she is able to put people at ease quickly and nurtures her relationship with everyone she meets.


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