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Retreats for the Hand

deluxe hand retreat

My Retreat Hand therapies

Combine the pampering of the hand ritual with a luxury manicure and you have the ultimate treatment for the hands and fingernails. Enjoy all of the below plus a nail soak, shaping, cuticle tidying and your choice of painting or buffing. Well-groomed nails are the perfect finishing touch.

east meets west hand ritual

My Retreat Hand therapies

Using Tibetan massage techniques and Mediterranean ingredients this is a supreme treat for your hands. The therapy begins with a cleansing ritual. An aromatic exfoliation and a signature massage will leave your hands and arms super soft. Hot towel wraps ensure deep moisturisation and the nails and cuticles are treated to a conditioning remedy. You’ll be clapping your hands!

tibetan hand and arm massage

My Retreat Hand therapies

‘Ku Nye’ massage is an incredibly healing and relaxing treatment that draws on the ancient wisdom and philosophies of the Tibetan Ayurveda. It uses an holistic approach and balances energy flow as well as providing physical benefits. It is oriented toward pressure points that stimulate specific energies. The aim is to restore equilibrium and prevent ill health. The use of sound is also included to clear energy; achieved through the vibration of Buddhist singing bowls and tingsha chimes. Don’t underestimate the value of this therapy – it’s a real treat for those who have repetitive arm or hand stresses at work, but also for anyone with stress or anxiety; let the power of touch restore you.