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Massage Retreats

Body Massage

Massage at My Retreat

Feeling stressed, tight, anxious? Using Swedish techniques this deep tissue massage is designed to relax muscles and eliminate knots and tension. This therapy can re-energise your mind and body.


Feeling sluggish, depressed, unwell? This holistic massage stimulates the body’s recovery systems through lymphatic drainage and acupressure points. Energy and blockages may be released physically and emotionally.


Feeling tired, nervous, overwhelmed? An utterly relaxing massage which uses a combination of movements with hands and hot stones, and gentle rocking movements to lull you into a state of repose. This can also be performed with wooden ‘Dream Stones’ if you prefer it without the heat.

hot stone massage

Massage at My Retreat

Hot stone massage is a healing therapy with history reaching back to ancient Egyptians. It is a form of “thermotherapy”: heat relaxes your muscles in a short space of time, so there can be a deeper working of the tissues without the need for excessive pressure. The stones enhance the massage experience and also increase your sense of relaxation and calm.

indian head massage

Massage at My Retreat

Indian head massage is a highly relaxing treatment that is performed sitting (or lying if combined with other therapies). Treatment can provide instant relief from tension and stress symptoms and also promote high levels of alertness and concentration. It relieves aches and pains, promotes a healthy scalp and hair, and helps induce a state of calm, peace and well-being.